SAJ Milestones


1969: Founded this niche Enterprise in the name of DYNAMIC ENGINEERING
1971: Launched the first Sluicegate Hydraulic Dynamometer
1978: Bestowed with IMPORT SUBSTITUTION Award
1983-1997: Formed a Joint Venture with Froude Consine UK which lasted for 14years. In the course of this JV tenure there was a successful Transfer of Technology from Froude Consine UK for Eddycurrent ,Pressure Controlled Hydraulic Dynamometers, Control and Automation Systems and Test Bed Accessories.
1985: Launched the first Test Cycle Automation System in India with Sequential Programming facility.
1988: Developed and Supplied the first PC Based Test Cycle Automation System for the Automotive Industry.
1990: Expanded the Product Portfolio and ventured into Turnkey Projects pan India.
1991: Fully Indigenized 2200HP Pressure Controlled Hydraulic Dynamometer launched in the Indian Market
1994: First 9000HP Pressure Controlled Hydraulic Dynamometer supplied to the Indian Navy.
1997: SAJ & FROUDE Amicably departed from the JV ,receiving the right to continue manufacturing of the licensed products and selling them worldwide
1998: SAJ forayed into the International Markets and made a global footprint individually.
1999: Expanded the Sluicegate Dynamometers capacity upto 2000HP.
2003: SAJ developed Digital Controllers and Advanced Test Automation Software .
2006: SAJ leveraged its Mechatronics Capabilities and started to Design and Manufacture Customized Special Test Systems.
2007: Formed Strategic Alliances with Globally reputed companies for Representations in India in the line of Testing.
2008: Innovated and supplied total Mechanical Automation Systems with Match Plates. And Launched the Containerized Generator Test System .
2009: Addition of new models of Eddy current dynamometers 5KW,200KW,350KW,500 KW etc expanding the existing range.
2010: Supplied 9000 HP Pressure Controlled Hydraulic Dynamometer to EUROPE for Specialised Braking Application.
2011: Designed and Developed Regenerative Chassis Dynamometers
2012: Expanded the System Integrator Network in Far East & Asia Pacific.
2013: Developed High Speed 2200 HP dynamometer for Aero testing application in Overseas market.
2014: Containerized fully integrated Engine test bed along with Services.
2014: Introduced a new model of 1600HP Hydraulic Dynamometer
2015: 2 wheeler RLS Emission chassis dynamometer
2016: Supplied High Speed 4400 HP dynamometer for GAS turbine testing application into International market

SAJ developed Bidirectional Hydraulic Dynamometer of 2000kw Multirotor Eddycurrent Dynamometer 300kw Customised high speed eddycurrent Dynamometers for Startor Motors of Aero Engines Customised Special Test rigs for Electric Vehicles for 2,3,4 wheeler applications.