Digital Control Systems
  • Our EXCEL-Y and EXCEL-R Digital Controllers are designed for Engine & Dynamometer control with excellent Control Performance & Reliability.
  • Digital PID Loops for both Dynamometer & Throttle Actuator Controller ensures automatic control of engine in various modes of operations.
  • Bump-less mode transfer facility is also provided to change any mode of operation without bringing engine to idle speed.
  • Digital display of Speed (RPM), Torque (Nm), Power (kW) & Throttle Actuator positions are provided.
  • Robust Architecture of Digital controllers is easy for maintenance & service.
  • Control modes like– Constant Position, Constant Torque, Constant Speed are provided for both Engine & Dynamometer Control and can provide Power Law mode option on Demand.
  • Built-in safety features for all channels for trip / shutdown are provided.
  • Provision to interface with PC to run a Pre-Programmed Automated Test Sequence.
  • User interface with front panel digital encoders for Dynamometer & Engine demands (7” touch screen version also available).
Standard Features
  • Software PID Loops.
  • Auxiliary outputs facility.
  • Digital input /output interface facility.
  • Analog input /output interface facility.
  • Built- in safety alarm limits setting for trip / shutdown.
  • Serial communication port RS 232 (Ethernet version also available).
  • Control Rate 100 Hz.
  • Interface facility for temperature & pressure channels available.
  • Available in 19 Inch , DIN Standard 3U/4U Racks.
  • Input power supply 230V AC/50 Hz ( 24V DC/2A versions ).
Digital Controller & Data Acquisition System

Remote Load Control System

This RLC system and Digital Speed and Torque indicating unit with Push Button operations offered with Sluice-gate hydraulic Dynamometers.

Open Loop Excitation Controller (Econ)

With digital speed & torque indication for Eddy Current Dynamometers.