Test Bed Accessories
  • Engine Mounting Test Bed:
    • Universal type with Cast Iron T-slotted bed plate, Cast Steel T-slotted rails, cast steel screw columns & hand wheels for height adjustment. 4 models suitable for mounting of single cylinder to multi cylinder engines.
  • Engine Throttle Actuator:
    • Mechanical type, electrical type & high speed servo type.
  • Engine Shut Down Actuator.
  • Fuel Consumption Measuring Units:
    • Volumetric type range: 10 cc to 5000 cc.
    • Gravimetric type range: 100 gm to 5000 gm.
  • Carden-shaft & Couplings:
    • Universal joint type & flexible type.
  • Running-in / Starting Arrangement.
  • Fuel ,Coolant, Oil Conditioning Systems.
  • Engine Handling System:
    • Trolley docking / palletizing system.
    • Quick release coupling / match plate for service connections.
    • Carden-shaft auto docking system.
    • Turn tables.
  • Intake Air Conditioning System.
  • Charge Air Controller.
  • Descaling Unit –For periodic cleaning of cooling passages of Dynamometers.
Test Bed Accessories
Charge Air Controller