Customised Special Test Rigs

Valve Train Test Rig

The Valvetrain Test Rig is designed to carry out durability testing of engine valve train components.

Testing parameters:

  • Endurance test for engine valve train components.
  • Component development validation.
  • Measurement of critical temperature, pressure & force measurement.
  • Customized electronic control with Plc + Hmi based system.
Valve Train Test Rig

Firing Test Bench

The Proposed Test Bench is explicitly designed for Short duration, Gasoline Engine load testing, where Engines are “first time” tested for High & Low Speeds, Part Load test at Full Throttle is performed.

Parameters Checked are:

  • Leakages.
  • Assembly defects.
  • Abnormal noise and Vibrations.
  • Gear change feel.
  • Idling speed.
  • Ignition timing.
  • Engine Speed in each Gear.
  • Oil pressure.
  • Vacuum Pressure.
  • Rectifier Output.
  • Cooling water supply.
  • Blow-by.
  • Acceleration Response Check.
Engine Firing Test Bench

Compressor Test Rig

For Endurance,Durability & Performance testing of various types of Automotive Compressors. Main Purpose of the rig is to study the Wear pattern of Compressor Components after endurance cycle.A Coolant Thermal shock system is provided for cyclic temperature variations during the endurance cycle.

Parameters measured:

  • Only compressor alone  is run for performance & durability test.
  • Measurement of main criteria such as Temperature, Pressure, Motoring Torque & Flow parameters can be measured.
  • User defined test cycles are performed and compressor performance can be mapped.
  • Different circuits are provided  to simulate “vehicle” like conditions.
  • Endurance test ,Overpressure / Over Speed test, ESS rapid cycle test, Oil consumption test can be conducted here.
Compressor Test Rig

Hub Motor Test Rig

The Test Rig is designed to carry out Load testing of the Automotive Hub Motor.

The Test rig is exclusively designed to do Motoring as well as Load Testing of the BLDC Motor Wheel.

In ‘Absorption Mode’, the Regenerative AC Dynamometer is capable to apply Braking Torque, while in ‘Motoring Mode’ user can understand the frictional or Coast down behavior of the BLDC Wheel. These modes are selected through the Digital Controller.

Hub Motor Test Rig

Cold Test Rig

The Test Rig is designed to carry out Motoring test of Green Engines, Reassembled Engines or Valve train assemblies for short as well as continuous duty cycles mainly for inprocess Quality Assurance.

The setup helps determine Frictional characteristics of such Engines & identify assembly process defects,Abnormal Noise,Leakage,Timing Disorders, Excessive Vibrations,Valve Opening/Closing,spark plug gaps etc. which at times are due to missing assemblies, manufacturing errors or erroneous combination of Tolerances etc.

Cold Test Rig

Generator Test Rig

The Proposed Genset Test Rig is a Customized Standard completely Automated Test Solution developed by SAJ for Generator manufacturers and conditioners  and has got various features which enable the user to test different rating Generators either for short duty, or continuous duty, for constant loads, or shock loads. These are available from 100KW to 1MW rating.

Parameters measured:

  • Phase voltage, current, power & power factor under various loading conditions in manual operated test cycle as well as in Automatic operation.
  • Resistive & inductive loading options are also available.
  • Optionally engine parameters & fuel consumption can be recorded.

Dropbox Test Rig

Designed to carry End Of The Line Production testing for ‘Drop Box’ Transmission

The Test Transmission is examined for abnormal noise, gear shifting (manually) at different speeds.

Running–in procedure helps smooth out any rough edges & precise setting-in of gear train.

Dropbox Test Rig

Axle Test Rig

The Test Rig is designed to carry out Motoring test of Locomotive Trans-axles .

Designed for short as well as continuous duty cycles mainly for production & quality assurance.

The setup helps relate frictional characteristics of gear train assembly & identify assembly process defects.

The Running–in procedure helps smooth out any rough edges & precise setting-in of Gear train as well as assists in identify Abnormal Noise, Leakages, Excessive Vibrations etc.

Axle Test Rig

Dual Test Rigs:PTO + Vehicle Testing For Tractors

The End-of-production line tractor Test Bench is a Bespoke Test Equipment.

This rig provides a production test facility for 2 & 4 wheel drive tractors.

Testing Parameters:

  • Drivability in each Gear.
  • Maximum speed test.
  • Acceleration Test.
  • Differential lock Function test.
  • Power teak off (pto) test.
  • Power at wheel test.
Dual Test Rig