Data Acquisition Software

Our Digital Computer Aided Engine Test System –DCATS is an integrated System to perform Data Acquisition, Control & Analysis of an engine under test. It is designed to work with SAJ make Dynamometers, Hydraulic and Eddy Current, Instrumentation & Control Systems. It combines a complete controller with Sophisticated Data acquisition system and is ideally suited for R&D, QA, Production and post overhaul testing.

This system provides a digital Engine Throttle and Dynamometer Control which can be run Manually as well as Auto in a Test Sequence. Online Tuneable PID’s are provided for each mode of control and Bump-less mode transfer is fully achieved.

The Software has been designed and developed to Provide a simple yet powerful and flexible system for use in an Engine Test Environment, it can be used in new state-of-the-art installations or to provide modern high performance control and data acquisition system for upgradation of existing test cells.

Standard Features
  • PC based Integrated Engine Test Data Acquisition Control System.
  • 16 Analog Input Configurable scan channels (can extended up to 125).
  • Windows based 32 bit resolution.
  • Precompiled hard coded software channels.
  • 4 levels of Alarm monitoring.
  • Close loop control on Throttle & Dyno demands.
  • Internet enabled for Remote monitoring and Control.
  • Data Transfer- This allows off-line access for Test reports/calibration reports to individual user or Server.
  • Online graphs, Analog dials and online logged data view.
  • User configured engine models.
  • User friendly & highly interactive software.
  • Customized report generation.
  • Fully programmable test cycle definition.

Remote Load Control System

This RLC system and Digital Speed and Torque indicating unit with Push Button operations offered with Sluice-gate hydraulic Dynamometers.

Open Loop Excitation Controller (Econ)

Data Acquisition Software
Data Acquisition Software
Data Acquisition Software