Vehicle Test Systems

End of Line Roller Test Bench

SAJ designs & manufactures extensive range of customized special End Production Line Roller Test Benches for 2/3/4 wheeler vehicles (including multi-axle vehicles with 4×2 / 4×4 drive) Comparative test performance in Production & Quality Centers, Vehicle Repairing / Repairing / Re-building Centers, Educational Institutes, etc.

Standard Features

  • Modular design.
  • Roller Arrangement.
  • Add-on facility with power absorption unit, additional inertia flywheels, blowers, exhaust arrangement m simple indication and instrumentation panel, data acquisition software, external device interface, etc.
  • Less maintenance.
  • Greater operating speed.
  • Easy acceptance by GO / NO GO test.

Test & Measurement Parameters

Max speed

  • Speedometer / odometer.
  • Acceleration / deceleration.
  • Fuel consumption.
  • Coast down.
  • Load test.
  • Vehicle drive ability and Visual checks.
  • Functioning of lights, vibration and leakages.

Vehicle Brake Tester

  • Suitable for end of production line testing of 2/3/4 wheelers.
  • Facilitating braking force measurement of each wheel.
  • Inbuilt safety features like power / air failure, zero speed interlock during calibration.
  • PC based data logger (optional).

Road Load Simulation Chassis Dynamometer

SAJ designs & manufactures state-of-art Road Load Simulation Chassis Dynamometers for Emission Measurement Test Performance of 2/3/4 wheelers.

Standard Features

  • Highly accurate.
  • Consistent performance.
  • High degree of operation.
  • Reliability and Repeatability and Low Frictional Losses.
  • Windows-based drivers aided software.

Testing Parameters

  • Road load simulation.
  • Drive cycle simulation.
  • Power & tractive effort at wheel.
  • Fuel consumption measurement.

2-wheeler Emmission chassis Dynamometers

2 Wheeler Emission Chassis Dynamometer is high performance and versatile testing system for motorcycle.

Standard features

  • Accurate and fast response AC dynamometer control.
  • Solid and durable mechanical components and structure.
  • Exhaust emissions, Fuel consumption, Performance testing.
  • Expandable and variety of hardware / Software options.
  • Automatic Road Load setting sequence.
  • Capable to future connectivity (ECU, OBD, etc.).
Vehicle Test System
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